GLINT AUVC003-35W UV Sterilization Lamp Aluminum Black

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GLINT AUVC003-35W UV Sterilization Lamp Aluminum Black

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UV sterilization lamp Aluminum Black
Model : AUVC0003-35W
Voltage : 110-220V
Light are : 10-60m
Color : Black/white
35W High Power larger sterilization range
Suitable for living room, bedroom,kitchen,toilet and other spaces
Light sterilization without dead angle,effectively eliminates bacteria in living environment.
Aluminium shell,fashionable use not easy to oxidize,not easy to fade.
Touch keyboard
Power switch
Child lock
sterilizing for 30 min
Sterilizing for 60 min
Saftey desihn of children's lock to prevent children's misoperation.
Radar automatic induction start.
10 sec before the light is tured on, there are moving objects that do not light up during the use,there are living objects that stop sterilization.The sensing range in 5 meters.
Not sterilized at a distance.
Automatic stop sterilization within 5 meters of sensing range.
Restart after 30 seconds.


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