Xiaomi Mi 37W Dual USB-A Port Car Charger

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Xiaomi Mi 37W Dual USB-A Port Car Charger 

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Xiaomi Mi 37W Dual USB-A Port Car Charger Single Port 27W MAX Fast Flash Charging, Multiple Protections, LED Power Indicator 

  • 27W MAX fast flash charging
  • 37W Fast Charge Original Xiaomi 37W Fast Charge Version Car Charger provides 37W fast charging for mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, digital cameras, etc. in any single-port output. It can meet the fast charge demands.
  • Dual USB Port Output When the dual-port is output at the same time, it can charge two devices and perform intelligent distribution with red USB output total power of up to 27W MAX.
  • LED Light: Simple appearance, excellent charging experience. An LED light is added to the top to accurately indicate the location of the interface during dark nights, making it easy to charge your mobile device.
  • Compatible with main stream models


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