Glint LED Plant Grow Bulb (80 LEDs)

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Glint LED Plant Grow Bulb  (80 LEDs)

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Brand : Glint 

Product Name : Glint LED Plant Grow Bulb  (80 LEDs)

Full spectrum that is necessary & critical for plants growing & flowering (from seeding to harvest).
Plants like the 525nmGreen the way they look like. More healthy if plants are in enough green appearance.
450nmBlue & 630nmRed is accelerating leaf growing.
660nmRed is promoting flowering.
7000kWhite is to be replacer of HPS,HID,MH.
Perfect for small Grow Box,Grow Tent,DIY Hydroponics,Bonsai,Garden... etc.
Comfortable, Humanistic & High-performing.

1.Light can be enhanced at any time of the day as a supplementary light to extend the effective lighting time.
2. In the evening or at night, it can effectively prolong and scientifically control the light that plants need.
3. In the greenhouse or plant laboratory, it can completely replace natural light and promote the growth of plants.
4. Thoroughly solve the situation of eating during the seedling stage, and arrange the time according to the delivery date of seedlings.