Glint Plant Grow Light 4 head Sunlight

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Plant Grow Light 4 Head

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LED Grow Light Plant 4 Head Growing Lamp Lights Dimmable for Indoor Plants

Full Spectrum Plant Light-Larger Illumination Area: Indoor plant light has 4 heads of indoor plant light brightness, brighter than other growth lights, light and heat energy are completely absorbed by the plant, high performance and high efficiency make your plant grow more Faster and healthier, promotes light synthesis and increases growth rate. Growth light suction cups are suitable for indoor plant growth at various stages.

360-degree adjustable gooseneck: The indoor palm planting lamp has a 360-degree free-rotating elastic gooseneck clip, which is convenient for adjusting the angle and distance. The LED long headlight bulb is used to expand the lighting area of ​​indoor plants, more efficient lighting, family planting Ideal for the quality and harvest of indoor garden lovers.

Indoor garden or greenhouse, the type and intensity of plants can be adjusted to meet the needs of various natural plants.

This LED lamp has grow lights made up of 80 efficient growing LEDs. This professional grow lamp stimulates plant growth by multi-directional illumination.

You can use the remote control to turn on / off the adjustment function on any controller. It can be remotely controlled through the wall and is effective within 30m.