Glint LED Clip Disc Plant Grow Light 3 Head

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DISC Plant Grow Lamp Grow Light 3 Head 30W 5 Dimmable Levels Full Spectrum LED Plant Light

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  • Material: Made of good quality PC plastic, safe and durable.
  • Function: Boost the photosynthesis process with the appropriate light wavelength and help your indoor plants thrive
  • Application: Suitable for home, greenhouse, flower show, family balcony seeding
  • Feature: 3 Automatic timing, 5 lightness adjustments, 3 lighting modes, and red & blue lighting modes.
  • 3 kinds of fill light switching mode (red light, blue light, red and blue light), the switching sequence is single head-double head-three head.
  • Product Light Effect: Full Spectrum Sunlight
  • Artificial light supplement function to promote plant growth